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Excessive use of non-renewable resources has led to the extinction of it. However, with the increasing needs and growing environmental problems, it is ideal to use renewable resources. Renewable resources are available in abundance plus there is no fear of them getting over. Solar energy is clean, safe and pure. It is safe for this only living planet and its survival.

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Indeed, its benefits, right? Have you determined whether the solar systems are optimal for your home or not?  Here are a few questions that will help you decide whether Solar Energy System Installation is good for your home or not.

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In the 2008/2009 time frame, the cost of solar power generation hardware (PV modules and related equipment) began dropping so significantly that many economists forecasted the cost to eventually reach the same costs as nuclear or coal power. This metric is typically measured by dollars/watt of energy produced, and as of 2015, the average cost of production of a PV module has dropped to $.30/watt, an incredible number. Read more The Continuing Descrease in the Cost to Go Solar