When looking for the best combination of affordability, protection, and ease-of-use, Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Palm Beach and Broward are the right solution for your home or business. They offer durable lifetime protection and are proven to increase the market value of your home or business. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, our custom-designed and professionally installed shutter systems will keep you protected for years to come.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Palm Beach are not only perfect for windows and doors, but also for securing patios, balconies, terraces, and storefronts, which have large expanses. They are attractive and easy to operate and can be installed in any length because they do not require reinforcement with vertical braces or supports.

Our Accordion Hurricane Shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country Our locking mechanism runs along the entire vertical length of the shutter as compared with only a center lock and center pin, or pins, making the shutters easier to operate and more effective to withstand wind pressures.

We use only US mill made aluminum extrusions approved by Miami Building Code Product Compliance and Florida Building Code Product Division in the construction of our shutters.
Our Accordions feature specially engineered, heavy-duty nylon wheels, which enable the shutters to open and close with ease.
We do not use material from China or Latin America to cut costs and increase profits at the expense of quality. This means that your shutters will not only look best after the years of being exposed to the elements but most importantly, they will perform for what they are designed to do, protect your house and family during a storm.

We use Galvanized steel hardware in the construction of our shutters to avoid rusting and increase shutter strength

We warranty our Accordion Hurricane Shutters from any material defects or installation flaws for as long as you own your property, offering our customers peace of mind. Our prices are very competitive and our workmanship and attention to detail have granted us countless referrals from our customers and many praises from the different city inspectors where we have performed our installations.

Accordion Shutters require no storage and can be fully deployed in minutes with no tools, no ladders, and no lifting, so it takes only minutes to protect your windows, doors, and large openings from high wind and storm.

Accordions are excellent for heat and light control. Closing a shutter just half-way dramatically reduces the amount of radiant heat entering your home during periods of direct sun exposure, which means your AC runs less, you consume less electricity and enjoy lower summer electric bills.
Accordion shutters give you the ability to instantly block out glare and furniture-fading ultraviolet light; giving you greater control over the environment inside your home so your floor, furniture, and walls maintain their natural color much longer.