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  • Investment Advantages

    Incorporating solar power into your commercial building can dramatically change the economic value of the building by improving vacancy rates (if applicable) as well as lower the buildings operating expenses.
  • Marketing Advantages

    While more commercial buildings are beginning to see the virtues of going green, these types of complexes are still in the minority. By marketing your building as a green building, you raise the likelihood of media attention as you are the forefront of modern construction.
  • Significant Operating Advantages

    Installing a solar system can dramatically reduce your business’ operating expenses which can have a ripple effect throughout your company balance sheet. Regardless of whether you pay for your solar system up front or lease it, corporate utility costs will significantly decline to the point where the savings can eventually pay for the solar system.
  • Saves Money on Electricity Bills

    Solar power helps reduce your electricity bill because it provides you with the electricity you need to run your appliances. It also helps lower the pressure on the grid.