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Attic Fans

Does your attic feel like a sauna in the summertime? That’s a sure sign your passive attic ventilation isn’t doing enough to vent hot air outside.

Keeping your attic cool is the best way to keep your home cool. Installing an attic fan will not only help you keep away the heat but will also keep your dust and dirt free.

Solar attic fans help you save a lot on your energy bills in addition to its being environmentally safe and fulfilling your needs.

A solar attic fan can help to make the attic space more comfortable.

Removing hot air which would otherwise be trapped in the attic can also help lower the ambient temperature in the home, which can also reduce cooling costs.

1. Energy efficient

Solar-powered attic fans don’t need electricity to run. From dawn until dusk, their power comes from the free, endless energy of the sun.


Electric fans cost $180 – $200 a year to cool your attic. Solar attic fans use the sun’s energy, so they cost nothing to operate. A 30% federal tax credit lets you save even more.


Solar attic fans run using clean energy from the sun, not fossil fuels. They’re healthy for the environment because they reduce pollution and the carbon footprint.


Solar attic fans begin working as soon as sunlight hits the solar panel. So they’re ready to go right out of the box without wires or the help of an electrician.


With no wires or electrical components to break, solar attic fans require zero maintenance.

6.Quietly reliable

Designs and brushless direct current motors make select models whisper-quiet and long-lasting.

An active ventilation system keeps your attic cool and dry, which prolongs roof life.

So, investing in a blown-in installation is an excellent choice.

Attic venting is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, energy efficient home. The Solar Attic Fan works with your existing passive vents to improve air circulation. Adding a solar attic fan is a simple and affordable home improvement product that overtime will pay for itself. Cooling your attic space in the summer can reduce your AC costs. It will also extend the life of your roof shingles and prevent damaging rot and ice damming.

The most obvious reason for attic ventilation is to lower the attic temperature during the warmer months. Attic temperatures can exceed 160°F during hot summer days. Proper attic ventilation can reduce those temperatures by up to 40°F. No matter how much insulation is in the attic, heat can still transfer into adjacent living spaces. In fact, extra insulation can actually add to temperature increases because heat is trapped in the insulation. Proper ventilation removes this excess heat build-up. As the heat is exhausted, the workload of your air conditioning system is reduced, thereby saving energy costs and even extending the life of your air conditioning system.