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http://domainzguru.ml/impactsandsolar/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/solar-hot-water-system-770x300.jpgSolar Water heater

A solar heater heats the water with sunlight. A solar water heater is highly recommended to save energy and using cleaner means. With the growing awareness about solar technologies, people prefer solar water heater in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

A solar water heater produces so much energy that it can meet almost 90% of your hot water needs. Especially, in Florida. Solar water heater in Broward and Palm Beach counties are digging its roots deeper and are people’s first choice.

The amount of sunlight that reaches the earth in an hour is more than the energy consumed from it in an entire year. Since sunlight is found in abundance in nature; taking advantage of it can not only be beneficial for you but also for the environment. In a solar water heater system, a solar collector uses a flat plate solar collector which consists of two main components. A flat plate collector, and storage water tank. The collector surface is usually black to absorb heat.

All of the convenience of traditional water heaters, without the traditional costs, emissions, and hassles.

  1. Water in the storage tank is pumped through a series of valves to your solar collector.
  2. As the water rises through the solar collector, it is heated by the sun’s thermal energy.
  3. The heated water is then returned back to the tank, where it is stored until use
Solar Water Heater in Broward
Best Solar Water heater Palm Beach

Reduce your water heating bill by up to 85%

The systems circulate the water through solar collectors. The water is heated in the solar collector. It then passes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank, transferring the heat to the water.

Solar water heating systems are therefore ideal for your home. Solar Hot Water Systems have been performing wonders for over 20 years – and with the newest technology in design and manufacturing, your Solar Water Heater will be trouble-free for years to come.

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, you could save between 50% and 85% off your water heating bill.

We design our solar collectors in a sleek and elegant style; it works on any roofing. We use insulated piping and thick foam insulation around storage tanks to maximize your heater’s efficiency. Our collectors are warranted for ten years. Our best solar water heaters are produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers with more than 30 years of technological and warranty excellence.